Primal’s SUPERHEROINE SHAME – Red Raptors Dark Addiction HD mp4

Red Raptor is as tough as she is cocky. She has come to a tucked away restaurant she knows is owned by Mr. Grigio, the mob boss she suspects is linked to the disappearances of Night Raven and Black Wasp.She easily takes down Grigio’s henchman with her super speed and strength. But when Grigio shows, her cockiness gets the better of her. While Red Raptor is distracted, Grigio’s henchwomen grab the superheroine’s wrists with powerful electric poles. Though she tries to fight it, the current is more than Red Raptor can handle.The henchwomen gleefully tie up their ko’d superheroine and strip her of her gloves and boots. Eva kindly offers a bottle to the weakened do-gooder, but one sip proves it to be a trap. If Red Raptor were a normal human, this liquid would be just like water, as Eva and Lynn demonstrate. But for superhuman freaks, well, there may be some powerful side effects. As Eva and Lynn make her cum again and again, Red Raptor quickly finds herself begging for more of that increasingly precious libation.

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Size:1,81 Gb

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