Punishment of the Pantyhose Thief

Punishment of the Pantyhose Thief - Johnny, Cory Chase - Jerky Wives HD avi 4

Johnny decides to sneak in to Mrs. Chase’s bedroom one afternoon, and he starts to snoop around. He opens her bedside drawers and pulls a dildo out first. He opens the next drawer and pulls out black pantyhose. He starts to sniff them, which automatically starts to turn him on. Mrs. Chase walks in to the room and catches him in the act! He lies and tells her that he was just looking for a pencil sharpener. “Open the third drawer!” she demands. She pulls out a pair of black thigh highs, and then sits him down on the bed. “I won’t tell your mother, as long as you do exactly what you’re told!” she tells him. She pulls her skirt down to the floor, and shows him her beige thigh highs that she is wearing right now. At the same time, he is playing with the black thigh highs in his hand. She pulls her dress off, gets him to lie down on the bed, and she gets on top of him. She takes the black thigh highs and wraps it around his neck. He promises to never tell her son about this! She pulls her black high heel off of her foot and hands it to him to sniff. Then she takes the black thigh high and puts it on top of the beige pair. “I’ve never seen 2 pairs of thigh highs on one leg before!” he moans.

She pulls his pants off of him, and then asks him if he is ready for his punishment. She starts to suck his cock, while demanding that he caress her gorgeous thighs at the same time! She tells him that if he doesn’t fuck her, she is going to tell his mother what he’s been doing with her pantyhose! She gets in to the doggy style position on the bed, so he can fuck her pussy from behind. “Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop! And you’re not allowed to cum until I tell you to cum!” she tells him. He snaps her red garter against her leg, while he fucks her. She tells him to lie down on the bed, and she hops on top of his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. They both lie down on their sides next, and he fucks her while spooning her. She hops back on his dick, in the cowgirl position this time, and he tells her how happy he is that she caught him going through her drawers! “I want you to cum all over those stockings and that sexy MILF bush, otherwise I will tell your mother!!” she tells him. “You’re going to make me cum first though!” she moans, as she cums on his cock. Right after she cums, he tells her that he is about to explode! He pulls out of her pussy and jerks his cock off on to her stockings and her bush, just like he was told to do! Then she tells him to come back tomorrow for round 2, otherwise she might just have to tell his mother on him…

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