Real Doll Fetish Tessa Fantasies - Sister With Amazing Legs Had To Choose FullHD mp4

Tia wanted so much to go on that concert… but because of the mistake she didn’t have one. And there would be all of her friends. Tia got this news just an hour before concert started, so she just was sitting on the couch so beautiful in her dress and it seemed a little left until she would cry…
But her brother came in an their talk started. To make a long story short, brother had tickets as he also was going on that party. But he could give them to Tia if… of course there is always some “if”! Anyway, he liked Tia’s legs very much! And he had a lot of reasons: her legs were well shaped, her thighs were so appetite, and her ass was very round. So he proposed Tia tickets if he would touch and make something more with her legs. That was a great suprise, but what could she do? She just had to go on that concert and to see it with all her friends! Besides little time had left and so she agreed. And then a show has started…
Her legs were really his dream and at first he touched and felt them so damn hard, but after a while took his cock out and started to fuck her thighs! Tia tried to refuse, but he was blackmailing her with the tickets and promissing that nobody would know about this ever! Fucking her gorgeous legs and calves in all positions he even made her to make him a blow job for a little while! Mmmm, what a tasty feeling it was to put a dick in her mouth! But the main his goal was her legs of course! Also he has made some ass chicks fucking… and Tia also began to like it! OF course, when someone is adoring your legs so much you just can’t stay calm or not like it!
And in the end he has cum hard on her legs in awesome pantyhose….
Come in a few mins in my room to get those tickets, dear sister!

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