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I feel uneasy as my son comes into my room. As he stands beside me looking out the window, I tell him we can’t keep doing this. I never thought I would be this kind of woman, this kind of wife, having an affair with my son. What kind of person does that? No, we’re not going to talk about how good it feels or how much we want it anymore. This is wrong, having sex with my son! We just have to forget this ever happened, and we have to be much more careful around each other.

My son doesn’t want to hear that, and he pulls me in close to him. I tell him to stop. I just told him we can’t do this anymore! He doesn’t stop and keeps putting his hands all over me. I remind him that we’ve almost been caught so many times! My son doesn’t listen and keeps pulling me closer and touching me. Oh he feels so good… What if someone finds out? Or what if I get pregnant? I haven’t had sex with his father in so long. How would I explain that? If I got pregnant, I would have to have sex with him. What am I even talking about. Mothers shouldn’t be having sex with their sons. He pulls me in closer again more assertively. He kisses my neck, and I nearly melt. I almost give in until I realize what I’m doing. I pull myself away and tell my son that I need to collect my thoughts. The next morning, I wake up with my son in bed next to me. I can’t believe how good I feel. Last night was amazing, my son fucking me all night. It’s far too easy with his father being away. But I meant what I said yesterday. We can’t keep doing this. Of course it feels amazing. But if other parents found out that I was having sex with my son? Or his father? No matter how good it is, we have to stop. I will miss that perfect cock though… mmm and it makes me so wet. As my mind start drifting as my pussy starts dripping. I find myself once again fighting the urge to start fucking my son right now. I can’t believe I’m even thinking about this again. I can’t help it, I’m a bad mother. I’ve cum on my son’s cock so many times now. I’m such a slut, just a cheating whore, aren’t I? I love my son so much that I’m willing to do anything to please him, to please that cock. That’s gotta count for something, doesn’t it? I can’t control it. No, I’m not going to admit to him that my pussy is wet… but it most definitely is. He pulls me into him again. I remind him that last night was the last time. Oh fuck he’s so hard for me. Okay maybe I’ll just take care of him and that will be the last time. Fuck I want that cock in my mouth again. Okay this really is the last time. I flip over so my son can see my hanging titties as I start sucking his cock. He likes that he doesn’t really fit in Mommy’s mouth. I pay special attentiuon to his balls as I show my loving adoration to his gorgeous cock. I start fantasizing about that cock being inside of me. I’m such a bad mommy, but I just can’t help it when my son’s cock is so perfect. We shouldn’t have sex again. All it takes is one time and we could get pregnant. Of course I want to. My pussy is craving my son’s fat cock so much, buried deep inside of me. I just can’t take it anymore. I need to feel my son’s cock buried deep inside this wet pussy. I climb on top and put his cock on my stomach so he can see how deep he goes inside of me. I can’t resist anymore. I don’t want to fight it. I push his cock inside, stretching Mommy’s soaking wet pussy. Oh I’ve missed this feeling already. Oh my son feels so good in Mommy’s pussy. I keep fucking my son hard until I know I’m going to cum. I know my son wants me to cum on his cock again. I tell him to fuck me hard as I lose control and cum all over his cock. My whole body is quivering. He always makes me cum so fucking hard. He flips me over and bends over the bed. He wants to be in control as he thrusts that massive cock even deeper inside of his Mommy. He’s getting close to cumming, and I tell him to pull out and cum for me. I tell him to cum for his Mommy as he pulls out and shoots that load all over his mother’s backside, emptying those balls on Mommy’s ass. I will definitely miss this, but this really was the last time. We need to stop. After some time, I took a pregnancy test. It turns out I’m pregnant! How could this happen?! We were careful and pulled out every time! My son tells me that each time he came in my a little bit before he pulled out. He says he did it on purpose! I can’t believe it! He pulls me in close and starts rubbing my belly like it’s all cute. This is a disaster! I should have known. Now I’m going to have to have sex with his father to cover this up. But I’ll be thinking about my son’s cock deep inside of me the whole time.

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