Ricky’s BIG Day With His Stepmom Level Up – Vivian Cox – Mister Cox Productions FullHD 1080p

Ricky's BIG Day With His Stepmom Level Up - Vivian Cox - Mister Cox Productions FullHD 1080p

A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you Ricky!! Dad is out of town on a business trip so Vivian has a SUPER special day planned for her Stepson Ricky! First, she plans on making pancakes for breakfast. Then, she’s going to take Ricky to the mall to get some new video games! And after going to the video game store Stepmom Vivian wants to take Ricky for some ice cream!! She walks into Ricky’s room to announce her plans for his BIG FUN DAY… “Well your Dad left for a business trip, so I was thinking we could have a VERY special day!” she says. She sees that Ricky needs some cuddling, so she decides to slip in the bed next to Ricky under the sheets accidentally revealing his big cock. Seeing a peek of his cock instantly makes her horny, so she decides she wants to play her own type of video game… With HIS joystick! Vivian pulls the sheets down off of Ricky’s now hard cock and begins edging his cock with her tongue and fingers while sucking on his balls. “I’m gonna lick your cock like ice cream Ricky…” she says as she continues to lick Ricky’s cock like an ice cream cone before climbing on top of him to fuck his big hard cock and see if Ricky can get to level one… Making Stepmom cum! Ricky succeeds at making her cum and passes the first level! The next level is trying not to cum while Stepmom Vivian climbs back down to lick her own cum off of his dick, edging him and sucking his balls again. Hold onto that load Ricky, don’t cum yet… Stepmom has a bonus level for you! She climbs back on top and rides Ricky’s cock some more. “I know you like bonus levels Ricky!” she says as she’s fucking him. For Ricky to pass the bonus level he must make her cum again! “Is Stepmom’s Special Little Man going to make her cum again?!” she asks Ricky. Does he succeed? Of course he does!! She continues fucking after she orgasms for the second time as she says “Ooooh Stepmom’s Little Soldier! I can’t stop fucking you!! Yeah… the next level is going to be the best… it’s the final level! What’s it called? It’s called face fuck me until you cum all over her face! Would you like that Ricky?”. Of course Ricky would like that… He’d LOVE to face fuck his Stepmom and give her a huge cum facial that she could wear to the mall when they go, plus he LOVES to conquer levels! Ricky climbs on top of Stepmom Vivian, straddling her chest while gently rubbing his cock all over his Stepmom’s face, lips and tongue. She caresses his hard dick with her tongue and lips, while Ricky intermittently sticks his cock all the way in her mouth, fucking her face. Ricky feels like he can’t hold onto his load much longer… I think he’s ready to beat the final level! Ricky begins to fuck her face harder and feeling the cum about to explode out of him, pulls out of her mouth so she can grab onto it while Ricky let’s out a moan while draining his nuts ALL over Stepmom Vivian’s face and hair, accidentally shooting her in the eye! With a cum glazed face and one eye open she says “Now I’m going to wear this to the mall sweetheart! I have to clean up a little bit. But first I’m gonna make your pancakes!” before blowing Ricky a kiss. This Stepmom roleplay video is filmed entirely in POV / point of view with lots of dirty talk from Stepmom Vivian with awaited responses. No male voice in this video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:33:17
Size: 1636 Mb

aincest – 36042 Rickys BIG Day With His Stepmom Level Up.mp4

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