ROBOMEATS – Janitors Revenge – Freeze, Timestop, Humiliation, Nudity HD

Willow and Loni are a couple of successful business women. They`re in the middle of discussing some business plans when Miles, the janitor, enters asking the ladies if they have any trash for him to collect. They are annoyed by his presence, but Miles is just trying to do his job.
They continue to talk and Miles eavesdrops, and tries to voice some advice. He says he`s studying business in college and has some ideas that might be worth hearing. The two girls blow him off because he makes 7$ an hour cleaning toilets and they each make at least triple that. They speak to him condescendingly and with a sense of entitlement, even throwing a highlighter at Miles as he walks out the door.

Miles, the honest working class citizen he is, gets fed up and time stops the two girls. The way they treated Miles was unfair, and he feels it`s appropriate to get some revenge.
He bends the frozen girls over smacks their asses. He strips them down and feels them up. He places their bodies on top of each other, and makes them touch each other. He strips himself too, and is ready to get his dick wet. Just before putting it in, he unfreezes them. They freak out, aware this is all Miles? doing. This doesn`t stop Miles from refreezing them.
He proceeds to pump their throats and pussies with his cock in different positions, sometimes sexy and sometimes humiliating. He occasionally unfreezes them only to react in disgust and astonishment at what had happened. fAll in an honest day`s work.

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:35:04
Size: 581 Mb

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