Robomeats – Jasmine Mendez – No More Powers FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

Robomeats - Jasmine Mendez - No More Powers FullHD mp4
Robomeats - Jasmine Mendez - No More Powers FullHD mp4
Robomeats - Jasmine Mendez - No More Powers FullHD mp4

Super Girl has been captured by the evil and sinister Master Cheese. The masked assailant admires her amazonian figure as he fondles her body. When she awakens he thinks it’s time to have his way with her. Her rope tied around her, she is powerless to fend him off, as he ties down her feet and suspends her arms over head. The amazon warrior stands proud and defiant as Master Cheese tries to intimidate her. He lets her know just what he wants to take from her and Wonder Girl says he will never have it.. But when he checks her pussy, the juices left on his fingers tell him otherwise. He begins by removing her top, her wonder tits spill over as he reaches up and twists her nipples. She squirms in her disdain and disgust for her captor as he ties the rope around her neck to act as a leash, pulling out his cock. She indignantly takes it between her bound hands and begins stroking him, her looks of displeasure only make him harder. He tells her to suck it and she grimaces as she puts it in her mouth, sucking him until his cock is rigid and throbbing. He kicks things into high gear and pulls her legs up, forcefully trying to remove her power suit. He rams his cock into her as she fights and objects. He takes what is his anyway. Cumming inside her super cunt and leaving her there defeated.

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