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I was pissed when I knocked on the door to Sandra’s house. Right, I should probably tell you who she is first – I’m already getting carried away.

Sandra is this gorgeous, petite, Russian model that my best friend, Shaun, is dating. He’s really into her, and they’ve been dating for quite some time, but something isn’t right about her. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it, and no offense to my buddy, but why would this bombshell want him? She could have any guy she wanted.

I’ll tell you why. Shaun takes her out, buys her whatever she wants, and treats her like a queen. He thought she was the one for him, and that she had the same feelings for him, but then I happened to catch her.with another guy at the club. Rather than make a huge scene at the club, or tell my buddy about it right then, I figured I’d confront her, and she could come clean herself.

“I’m not telling him,” she said to me in her broken English. Of course she tried to deny it, telling me that the guy was just a “friend,” but I didn’t believe it. She knew I didn’t believe it. If she wasn’t going to tell him, then I was going to have to show him.

“Well, I’m going to have to prove it to him that you’re cheating on him,” I told her. I pulled out the magic remote control from my jacket, and her eyes widened. Not only was I going to catch her in the act, I was going to take pictures of it while it happened – that way Shaun couldn’t try to lie to himself.

I hit the button – STRIP. Her small hands wandered around her chest and she looked at me with an uncomfortable smile, “Whoa, stop it.” I watched as her body started to move uncontrollably and against her will. Piece by piece, her clothing was stripped off until she lied naked in front of me with her flawless figure.

So, she liked to rub up on other guys? No problem. LAP DANCE. I watched as her body picked itself up and began swaying from side to side in front of me. Sandra groped her perky, fake tits and shook her ass – I admit, she had some moves. But I just felt like she wasn’t enjoying herself as much as she should be – maybe an attitude adjustment would do her some good?

DIRTY TALK. “I want your dick inside my pussy,” her accent rolled off her tongue perfectly. She was practically begging for my cock, and there’s no way I was going to miss the opportunity to snap a few pictures. But I mean, just because I had a few nude pictures, it didn’t necessarily mean she was cheating. I needed to really catch her, that way there would be no reason for Shaun to give into her little Russian charm.

Rather than jump right into the sex stuff, I figured I’d better warm her up first. MASTURBATE. Sandra walked over to the couch, licked her fingers, spread her legs, and rubbed her pussy. She moaned uncontrollably, and then reached for her vibrator – this was getting way better than I could have ever expected. Her hand hit the power button, and her eyes widened in horror as her vibrator began twirling in front of her. “Oh my gosh, no,” she cried, but it didn’t do her any good because the next second she was pressing it up against her.

But then, if things didn’t seem like they could get any worse for her – and this is where it gets real good – I made her ride my cock as she begged for me to stop. I’m pretty sure my cock inside of her pussy made for some pretty good pictures, but I wanted her to REALLY enjoy it. ORGASM. She moaned uncontrollably, and I burst inside of her. Now there it was, the masterpiece, that I had been looking for. Her pussy was dripping with my hot load, so I snapped a few pictures, and left her begging me not to tell her boyfriend.

This clip includes: Sandra Luberc, Aiden Valentine, POV, friend confronts his buddy’s girlfriend about what he saw her do, girlfriend has been cheating on her boyfriend, refuses to tell him herself, friend of boyfriend decides he better get evidence to prove it, magic remote control, different modes – stripping, lap dance, dirty talk, masturbate, ride cock, missionary, orgasm, crying, whining, begging, pleading, strip tease, tit groping, ass shaking, dancing, masturbation, masturbation w/ vibrator, dildo sucking, virtual sex, cowgirl, missionary, doggystyle, moaning, orgasm, simulated creampie, cum in pussy, taking pictures, evidence, Russian, Russian accent, petite, perky tits, moving uncontrollably, against will

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