Sasha Curves

You and mom made an agreement: to stop you risking ruining your life by getting girls your age pregnant, you’re allowed to use mom for sex whenever and wherever the need arises. Mom didn’t mean it literally though, and she realises she may have made a mistake setting boundaries when you wake her up early for your first fuck. Mom reluctantly obliges, after all, she made a deal with you. But you keep coming back to her again and again throughout the day, taking mom in every room and position you fancy. Mom tries to put up a fight and her reluctance turns to anger when you have the cheek to call her your slut, but each time she gives in and lets you finish. You’re taking advantage of the free use policy and she’s not happy about it. You can tell despite the protesting, she’s enjoying your big thick cock and during the fourth fuck, mom openly admits she wants you to make her cum hard all over it. But this is the final time you fuck mom today, understood?!

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Last Update: May 25, 2024