Sedused My Daughter - Cory Chase, Anya Olsen FullHD 1080p

Hot Milf and Taboo Fetishes!

Scene One: First pussy audition

Scene Two: Costuming

They have the Puss now they need the Boots. Anya slides tall black boots up her slim legs. She shows off her body, just like she will have to do in the play. Ms. Chase instructs her, giving a personal acting lesson.

With her young wet pussy on the desk, Ms. Chase can’t help but lick it like an ice cream cone, making the girl scream with pleasure. She licks her tight little ass while rubbing her, giving Anya feelings that she’s never experienced before.

Scene Three: Final rehearsal

Now for the rest of her Puss and boots costume, a tight gray dress with one big surprise. They kiss, student and teacher, groping each others breasts and begging for more. Ms. Chase slides up Anya’s dress to show the huge strap on surprise underneath.

Anya bends her over the desk and moves her teachers wet panties to the side. Driving the cock in deep she fucks her silly. She sucks on the cock, worshiping and whoring herself out to her students pleasure. Ms. Chase cums like she’s never before, shutting and moaning for more, the cock forcing every ounce of strength into her orgasm. They kiss, completely satisfied. This is going to be a great play!

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