SexySherryStunns – Mesmerizing My Son in Law FullHD 1080p

SexySherryStunns - Mesmerizing My Son in Law FullHD 1080p

Sherry just isn’t sure about her son-in-law, Miles… He’s kinda macho, and according to her daughter, he has terrible taste in underwear! So she figures to maybe see if things are as bad as she says they are and lures Miles over before she gets home. She confronts him about his ugly boxers, but he is not hearing any of that! he is much too proud to even listen to any of the garbage. But before he can walk out, Sherry has pulled out a pendulum and begins to mesmerize Miles, and soon he is putty in her hands. Listening to her every word, soon he is stripping out of his ugly underwear and into the sexy banana hammock underwear that Sherry prefers. She snaps her fingers and Miles is surprised to see what he is wearing, and tries to figure out what is going on and get dressed, but as quickly as he comes to, Sherry snaps her fingers again and he is back in his trance. She rubs his cock through his man panties and he is starting to get hard. She knows she has total control of him so she makes him flex is manly muscles and do a sexy dance for her. She kisses him and feels his hardening cock more, and and Miles is in his own little world. She makes him get down on his hands and knees and kiss and worship her feet. He is totally under her spell. Sherry is having fun with him now, and she makes him strip out of his white banana hammock man panties and put a sexier pair of red ones on. She commands him to smell his man musk from the white pair as he rubs his cock though the red pair. This turns Sherry on more than she thought, so she has him give her a sexy lap dance. Things are getting a bit more out of control than she had planned, but she can’t stop now. Before she even knows what she is doing she pulls his big hard cock out of his man panties and begins to suck his cock! She takes his dick nice and deep into her mouth and teases him. He groans as she blows him. She has some expert cock sucking skills and before long he erupts a seriously massive load into her hungry MILF mouth. Does she swallow it? No, she stands up and snowballs it into his mouth. He takes all of it, and it slowly dribbles into his beard and down his macho stomach. She can’t believe how all of this has gone down, but by now she realizes that her new son in law might just be perfect for her daughter. She snaps her fingers again to awaken him from his trance, and this time he is different. Not being such a tough guy, but he is nice and respectful and can’t quite figure out what the taste is in his mouth… He just can’t quite figure out why his is undressed, and is embarrassed , but completely oblivious to what had just happened, much to Sherry’s delight!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:26:09
Size: 744 Mb

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