Sharing is Caring II - Billy Boston, Reagan Foxx, Syren de Mer FullHD 1080p

Sharing is Caring II - Billy Boston, Reagan Foxx, Syren de Mer FullHD 1080p 4

Reagan (Foxx) thinks her husband Larry might be cheating on her, and at any rate, he cares only about himself, not pleasing her. Adult stepson Paul (Billy Boston) on the other hand, is very supportive of mom, and it doesn’t take much coaxing for the two of them to go upstairs in their mansion to the master bedroom where Reagan is soon servicing the young man sexually, leading to a mutually satisfying creampie. Soon she’s invited over her “more than a best friend since college” girlfriend Veronica (Syren de Mer), whose lusty and uncensored come-on to Paul causes Reagan to ask her to cool it, but Veronica is quick with a rejoinder: “What good are young men unless they’re riled up”. She mocks Reagan for having taken advantage of her stepson and after staring lustily at the boy’s crotch she starts to unbutton her blouse, but Reagan stops her. “He looks like he likes it, don’t you Paul? Do you like Mommy’s sweet pussy?”, Syren asks. Reagan is none too pleased with this bawdy behavior, but Veronica continues: “You can’t just unfuck him! You might as well just go along for the ride. You didn’t have to invite me -you could have kept him all to yourself. But you wanted me to know what a dirty little girl you were: mommy sucking her own son’s cock”, she laughs. Reagan tries to send her old friend home, but Veronica begins kissing her, with Paul intently watching the beautiful pair of 50-something women making out on the couch right in front of him. Reagan is still a bit shy about getting to the point, so Veronica takes over and asks him: “What your stepmom is trying to say is, wouldn’t you like to have some playtime with the both of us?”. Reagan interjects: “I can’t believe we’re doing this -that’s my stepson”. Veronica is more enthusiastic, declaring: “But that’s the best part! You’ve gotta keep these things in the family -that’s what makes it much better”. The ladies head upstairs to the bedroom, with Paul invited to join them. The ladies begin by putting on quite a show for him, nostalgic about the days they once lived together as a loving couple. Soon they’re taking turns sucking his cock, vying for his attention. Watch the taboo three-way scene unfold…

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