Sinfully Sweet Mommy III – Cory Chase, Joshua Lewis HD 720p

Sinfully Sweet Mommy III - Cory Chase, Joshua Lewis HD 720p

Corey Chase stars in one of her inimitable MILF turns. She’s the stepmom of Joshua (Lewis), and has recently divorced his dad. Coming home one day Joshua hears the sounds of sexual moaning from an upstairs bedroom and goes to investigate, but he decides to let well enough alone and doesn’t open the door.

Later, they chat outside by the pool and he complains to mom that she lied to him, about spending her days as a massage therapist. She denies lying, and when he points out the incident of hearing her oohing and ahhing, she explains: “I was with a client. I have a few clients who I’m more physical with than others. I’m grateful you’re letting me live here, but I can’t take advantage of your kindness forever”, referring to the fact that a pre-nup his dad insisted on has left her with nowhere to stay.

“I’m an independent woman. I’m practically starting my life all over, and I need a place of my own. I’ve set goals -I’ll be out of your hair by the end of the month”, she contends. The discussion becomes heated when Joshua questions her having sex with the clients, but she defends herself: “I’ve had clients prod me to do extra things with them. Some of them I’ve known for years -I was married then. Now I’m not. I married your father when I was very young. I didn’t have much experience with men before him. And with these guys, it’s not work -it’s fun! I’ve dedicated my entire life, taking care of your dad, taking care of you. You may be an adult but you’re my stepson”.

“Please! Don’t get that mom tone with me. What are you going to do -send me up to my room without any dinner? This is my house!”, Joshua insists. “I know when I’m not welcome. I’ll just pack up my things and be out tomorrow morning”, she retorts, getting up and leaving him alone by the pool. That night Joshua calls her to his room. “What’s all this?” she declares. “I know how hard you work and I just wanted to show you how much I appreciate you and appreciate everything you’ve done. So I was wondering if you want a massage”, Joshua says. “You want to massage me?”, mom says with a smile. “I’m not the best at it, but I did Google some techniques so…”, he begins. Mom gives him a big kiss on the cheek and smiles ear to ear.

Mom goes to change clothes, and Joshua gets the bed ready. She returns wearing a towel and declares: “This is so sweet, honey”. Lying on her stomach she’s ready for a massage, and Joshua goes to work, starting with her legs. “Can you get my upper back, honey?”, she requests. As he continues, she apologizes for making noises the other day, that disturbed him. “I get jealous hearing you moan and make sexy noises, it just turns me on”, Joshua admits, while mom stares at his big boner sticking out in his shorts just inches from her face. “I’d rather have you like this if I can’t have you in that type of way”, he confesses. She reaches out and gently grabs his cock. “Mom”, he says, and she replies: “Do you want me to stop?”. “No, turn over”, he says, and she lies on her back, her large breasts exposed, fully nude.

He oils and then kneads her breasts, and mom begins breathing heavily. She reciprocates by rubbing his groin, and murmuring with pleasure. He lowers his shorts and she begins giving a hand-job, then turns her head to place his dick in her mouth. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:44:16
Size: 359 Mb

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