Sloansmoans - Use Me Instead of Tinder Daddy 4k 2160p

I walk into your room late at night telling you we have to talk. Yes, step-daddy, we have to talk RIGHT now. Stop pretending like you don’t know what this is about. we both know what you’ve been up to. Here, let me show you. TINDER?!??! Really, step-dad? Why the fuck are you on there? If step-mommy finds out, you two would get a divorce and that would be sooo sad. I know you’re eager to find a woman who can please you, and the good news is, that’s what your step-daughter is for. I seduce you into letting me blow you showing you how your step-daughters touch can’t possibly compare to a random woman. Plus, it’s not cheating if we’re related, right?? You shoot your load onto my face and I tell you that you can use me whenever you get the urge to “cheat.”??
I got to bed and a couple hours later I feel your presence and tell you it’s sooo late and Im so tired. do you really need to use my mouth again? You tell me you’re going to need more than that. Im reluctant and tell you NO I’m not comfortable going all the way with my own step-father.. Can’t you just use my mouth again? You quickly show me you have women on that dating app lined up waiting to come fuck you so I finally agree to let you fuck me. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. Im wimpery and whiny telling you how wrong this is and when you finally cum im relieved but you say you have more. You tell me you want to fuck my ass too. Im horrified at the thought and display more hesitance until I finally give in. enjoy me, xo??

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