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You are my hot mom and I can’t help but notice you. The way your boobs are in show, how you show off your ass but you don’t realise this. Due to this I start to fantasize about you in a sexual way. Starting the day with a kiss and a hug from you I love feeling your lips and boobs pressed against me before getting me ready for school. After school we are talking on the couch and trading stories about our day but eventually my eyes start to drift towards your boobs and then I daydream about you teasing me with your boobs wanting me to grope, squeeze and suck on them before you give me a titfuck.

As you titfuck me you tell me that you notice me staring at your boobs and if I want to play with them I can anytime I want. After a while I want to cum and you beg for me to cum on your boobs but before I can you snap me out of it asking if I am ok before leaving. The next day you wake me up the same way and I get even harder from the kiss and hug but I go to school. Later that day I am studying in my room when you stop by to ask about dinner. You are curious about what I am studying and you come over to look and accidentally knock some items off the table. Apologizing for doing that you bend over to pick them off the floor while I stare at your ass until you have picked everything up. You leave to get dinner started but I can’t focus as your ass is in my head and then I fantasize about you coming in and you start grinding on my crotch making me hard. You then feel my boner poking you and you feign ignorance and then you offer to help me with it and you lead me to the bed. You then bend over and beg me to “punish” you by spanking and I do until you offer another idea and request me to fuck you from behind and I do with you moaning apologies and promising to never distract me again and then I feel like cumming and you say to cum in you but then it ends with you coming back in to tell me dinners ready. That night I dream about mommy kissing me and telling me how much she loves until she feels my boner and she gets on top of me and rides me while still kissing me and again before I cum mom wakes me up. The next day is torment, with you wearing revealing clothing my mind creates naughty fantasy after fantasy with teasing and moaning but I still don’t get to cum. That night after a kiss and a hug from mom I drift off and have a dream where mom gives me a titfuck, lets me fuck her from behind and kissing her with her telling me how much she loves me while she rides me. After a while mom speeds up and I tell her I am going to cum and she tells me to cum inside her and after a few kisses I cum inside her. Afterwards, mom lays on top of me catching her breath saying she loves me and thanks me for the fun. Then the dream starts to fade away with mommy telling me to wake up inbetween kisses.

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