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I am just hanging around, pregnant in my robe. Rubbing my tummy. You are my son and you are just simply ogling me.. Thinking about how goddamn hott your mom looks all pregnant like that. We share a secret. A secret that could probably destroy us but. doesn’t that make it hotter? I’m several months pregnant and I’ve continued to swat away your advances.but this time your dad has been really neglecting me. You tell me you want to take care of me, you give me a foot rub and thats enough to make me want to cum! You are laying it on thick, wanting me, persuading me, and I reluctantly agree to getting intimate with you again. Even though. well. son I really thought that you getting me pregnant was going to be the first and last time we did something like that! I had no idea that my pregnancy was going to turn you on.. OR that you even enjoyed the experience! I. well I really enjoyed it too son. More than any time with your father. You start to kiss and caress me. You get hard, I stroke you while I talk dirty, explaining in detail what’s happened between us, the predicament we’re in. I slowly sit on your cock and begin to bounce, my titties sitting perfectly upon my pregnant swollen belly, my puffy pussy in direct view. We whisper dirty things and lovely things to one another. I am grateful to my son for giving me this pregnancy! Screw your father, he’s worthless. But you darling, you will make such a good dad. you’re already the best son. That’s it sweetie, keep pounding your pregnant mothers swollen cunt till I cum. just like the first time we did this. the time you got me pregnant!

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