Dacey Harlot - Spank & Jerk: Step-Sister Strong-Armed FullHD 1080p

Your step-mom left Dacey in charge again. She’s always picking on you and whenever she’s in charge, she’s always trying to punish you over every little thing. Last time she spanked you with her sandals and you couldn’t sit right for 3 days. Every time you think about it you can feel the sting all over again. You get home and walk right into her room and she’s already irritated with you. Barging in without knocking?! Not only are you annoying but you have no boundaries either! While she’s on the subject of boundaries the real issue comes to light. You’ve been hitting on her friends when they’re over and its embarrassing! Her friends already laugh at her for having such a loser for step-brother and you don’t help when you come around acting like a total pervert trying to fuck everyone. Dacey uses the power of being in charge once again to lay you bare assed across her bed and spank you hard once again, this time with the belt! And Dacey knows all about the pictures you’ve saved onto your phone too! Not only of her friends but of her! If anyone deserves a hard spanking, its you. Maybe the swift stinging of the belt against your skin will remind you of your manners. Honestly its about time someone taught you a lesson in respect!

While she’s spanking you, you notice something under her pillow. You reach out and pull the pillow away, its a bunch of sex toys and vibrators! Your step-parents definitely wouldn’t approve of these underneath their roof and before Dacey can even begin to wrap her head around what’s happening, you’ve decided you’ll be using this huge secret to get sweet revenge on her! Dacey is mortified when you demand she pulls her shirt up to reveal her tits, next you tell her to take off her skirt. Dacey tries to protest in utter shock and embarrassment but you hold all the power now and its your turn to let it go to your head! You’ve always had a huge crush on Dacey and this is the perfect opportunity to push some limits. You tell Dacey she’s going to be getting down onto her knees and giving your hard dick some love. She pleads with you but you’ve found your dominance and threaten to call your step-parents and tell them everything right now. Dacey gets down but this is all wrong.she’s not into it and its totally ruining the mood! If she wants this to stay a secret she’s going to act like she’s always wanted your big cock in her hands. Dacey jerks you off, making sure to do a good job but, there’s still something missing! All these sex toys have your mind racing, you’re fantasizing about her playing with that sexy pussy of hers and if you don’t strike now you’re not sure you’ll ever get the chance again. You demand Dacey vibe herself and get off while she gives you the best handjob of your life. She reluctantly obliges and its even better than you imagined! Just as Dacey cums hard you blow your load at the same time! Now she must pray you uphold your end of the bargain and keep this as a secret between the two of you!

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