Step-Father Daughter Perversions 6 - Avery Adair, Levi Cash Dad...Now is NOT a Good Time SD ( Media/2017) 6

Family Manipulation – Avery Adair in “Dad…Now is NOT a Good Time” SD (

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Dad…what are you doing? I’m taking a shower, this isn’t a good time.

Hunny, your mother isn’t home right now, this is the perfect time. Don’t you remember our agreement? What… Now that I saved you from being grounded, you don’t need me anymore…our agreement is over?

Dad…it’s not like that, but I just don’t want that right now.

(Later that night…)

Step-Father Daughter Perversions 6 - Avery Adair, Levi Cash Dad...Now is NOT a Good Time SD ( Media/2017) 7

Dad…is that you?

Hunny….let me get in bed with you.

But dad…mom is home!

Hunny…I tried earlier when mom wasn’t home, but you weren’t being very corporative. Besides, she is busy watching all her TV shows right now…she isn’t paying any attention to us. Just lay there and be quite, you don’t have to do anything. Don’t you want to make your father feel good, after everything I have done for you?

Ok dad, but please hurry up before mom comes looking for us…

Hunny I love how you feel. Your young pussy is so tight around daddy’s dick! Keep your legs spread wide open, I want to cum inside of you…

Dad…I don’t think that is a good idea, I’m not on birth control!

Ahhhh….can you feel that? Can you feel my warm load inside of you? Don’t worry, we will take care of it…if anything happens. Go back to bed sweetie, dad is tired now.

Gif Moments: Try to get 15 sec’s in. Start in shower, then creeping on her when asleep, after she is awake get good moment of me exposing her boob, putting my hand over her mouth, then some sex (pov and third person if possible), and some of the creampie.

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