Stepmom's Double Trouble - David Lee, Tony Sting, Lauren Phillips FullHD 1080p

In the early morning, Lauren Phillips sneaks into her house, slipping off her high-heeled shoes so she can quietly tiptoe inside. However, she is spotted by her stepsons, Tony Sting and David Lee (who are also stepbrothers). Tony and David say they’ve seen various signs that she’s been up to something ‘fishy’, so they got up early to catch her sneaking in.

Lauren tries to make excuses, but Tony and David don’t fall for them, so she admits that she got a second job as a stripper to help support the family. The bratty stepsons say they’re going to tell her husband about it, in the hopes she’ll give them something in exchange for keeping her secret…

Lauren scolds Tony and David for acting ungrateful that she’s working a second job to help support them. Working two jobs is HARD, so she chose stripping because it’s fun and she’s good at it. She’s not going to let two ungrateful brats put an end to her stripping career by tattling to her husband! Lauren assertively says she’ll definitely give them something to make sure they’ll keep quiet. To Tony and David’s surprise, Lauren seductively strips and performs a sexy dance for them, then says she’s going to go even further, to make sure they don’t utter a PEEP to her husband. Tony and David are shocked, but also very eager!

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