Stripper impregnated in private booth – ImMeganLive FullHD 1080p c4s

 Stripper impregnated in private booth - ImMeganLive FullHD 1080p c4s

It starts with me walking in a nice slutty stripper outfit welcoming you into the private show. From there I do a Strip Tease. “You enjoy the show babe? Mmm, I can see you are, the way you’re palming your dick through your pants! Haha, don’t worry baby you can take it out, this is your little private show after all. I’m here to satisfy all your needs!” “Mmm, looks tasty… Haha, of course I’d like to take a look! You’re already leaking precum, how could I resist?” “Mmmm, you have a big cock baby, do you like the way I stroke your cock? Rubbing your cock between my big boobs? How fantastic are my breasts! Of course you can grab my tits, silly! You keep forgetting this is your private show, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do, baby! I’ll let you shove that cock down my thorat, I’ll hand you that paddle and let you spank me bright red. You can even fuck me if you want, the choice is yours…” “Haha, and here I was thinking you were a kinky one. Alright sweetheart, I’ll ride you. Let me just grab a condom-, what’s that? “No” condom? Haha, there’s that wild spark I knew I saw, go raw or go home. Mmmm, I bet you’d also like to fill my soaking wet cunt with your virile load and knock me up, wouldn’t you? Mmmm, the way your cock twitched when I said that tells me you would, haha! What part of “Whatever you want” don’t you understand, honey? Of *course* I’ll let you get me pregnant, I’m “your” fucktoy! Now c’mre, give me that big cock baby!” I’ll fuck you cowgirl and reverse! “”Mmmmmmmm… Oh it’s filling me up sooo goooood… I can feel your cockhead trying to push through into my fertile womb… Haha, no I didn’t expect to be pregnant by the end of tonight baby, but it’s so exciting to think about… Mmmmm amybe I should sneak you in for more private shows once I’m big and heavy with your kiddo…” “Oh baby I’m getting close… Ohh, I want that load soo bad! Can you give it to me? Can you give me a big hot load of seed and get me fat with your babt? C’mon sweetheart, with a cock like yours there’s no “way” I won’t get knocked up with one load! Come on, give it to me, I need it so bad…” “Please baby, oh please fill me with cum! If you do I’ll fuck you every day from now on, and I’ll let you knock me up again once I give birth. I can be your personal breeding bitch! Do you want that honey? Do you want me to be constantly fat with your babies ? Give me your load and I’ll be all yours…

Tags: female orgasm , boobs bouncing , titty fucking , blowjob , dirty talk

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:17:43
Size: 494 Mb

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