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Madi Collins is the next contestant on Pristine Edge’s gameshow, where her son Jayden Marcos will get to pick out a new stepsister. Jayden isn’t feeling good about the prospect of yet another little stepsister date, but he and Pristine welcome the cute redhead to the set. Unlike her predecessors, Madi is the complete package. It’s not long before both Pristine and Jayden are smiling and finding themselves totally at ease…

The bonding activity is an escape room. Pristine sets everything up and then locks Jayden and Madi in a bedroom to get out. They get to work right away. The setup gives Madi plenty of opportunity to show off her hot body for Jayden’s eyes only. As Madi finishes the clues, Jayden finds her intro video and realizes that she is just perfect. He begs Madi to let him fuck her, and after a bit of back and forth they agree to have a taste of each other.

Clearing the bed off, they get busy together. Jayden gets his taste as he eats Madi out, and then she gets in some good suck of her own by delivering a hell of a BJ. Climbing on top of Jayden, the spinner slides down on that nice cock and goes for a hotblooded ride. They’re just enjoying doggy when Pristine knocks to see how they’re doing. Jayden manages to get his stepmom out of the picture, leaving him able to do Madi on her back until she’s squealing. Only then does he pull out to nut on Madi’s stomach, marking her as his choice for his little stepsister.

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