Succubus Temptation ASMR

Alix sits in the middle of a pentagram. Her eyes open as she senses the presence of a new УguardФ sent to watch over her. She smiles seductively and begins to tease him, but you knows better than to respond, they told you not to trust her. It doesnТt matter she can smell your desire even from her magical prison. She tries to leave the pentagram but the a magical barrier prevents her from leaving the circle so she begs you to come closer. Hesitantly you do, you can’t help but want a closer look. She gets on her knees, letting you tower over her as she feigns submissiveness. SheТs SO hungry. She doesnТt want to be bad, but her need for cum is overwhelming. She seductively plays with her body as she tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to hear. She enchants you with the promise of her body bringing you endless pleasure. Your wife doesnТt have a body like she does. A perfect body, to match her perfect face. Her brith eyes looking up at you as she unzips her top and takes them out. She looks like every stripper you’ve ever wished you could have, the perfect little blonde pornstar you’ve always wanted to fuck. She can’t leave but you can enter…just put your cock over the threshold and she’ll show you pleasures you never dreamed possible.She’s so VERY hungry and she can read your thoughts, she knows your desires. She promises you everything and works you up until you can’t resist giving her your cock. But now SHE’S in control. You had just one job. All you had to do is watch her and you didn’t even last five minutes before she’s licking up and down your shaft. She knows what will feed her the fastest and slips your cock between her big tits. She pumps them up and down until she milks all that delicious cum from your balls. TAGS: Magic control, demon, succubus, cheating husband, home wrecker, titjob, blowjob, tease, seduction, mind fuck, blonde, fake tits, ASMR

Size:1,34 Gb