Taboo Heat Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks, Chloe Cooper - Step Daddy Dalmer Vol 1 FullHD 1080p

Taboo Heat Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks, Chloe Cooper - Step Daddy Dalmer Vol 1 FullHD 1080p 6

Taboo Heat Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks, Chloe Cooper - Step Daddy Dalmer Vol 1 FullHD 1080p 7

Roll Call-

Melanie Hicks and Cory Chase are standing in the gym this morning, chatting. Cory confronts Melanie about David Dalmer (Luke Longly), and Melanie admits that David looks innocent to her. Cory reminds Melanie of who David’s brother is, but Melanie reminds her that she just couldn’t find any proof that he was a bad guy or guilty of anything. Cory tells Melanie that the only way she will ever get a promotion is if she helps catch David Dalmer! Cory is staring at Melanie in her white sports bra and g-string and Cory can’t help but get horny. Cory pulls Melanie’s big tits out from under her sports bra, while she is still asking her questions about Dalmer. Melanie strips out of her clothing and she lies down on the weight bench, with her legs spread. Cory starts to lick and suck on Melanie’s clit until she has an orgasm in her mouth! Then the two MILF’s switch places and Melanie starts to eat Cory’s pussy out this time. After Cory has an orgasm, the two MILFs grab their police uniforms and get dressed for their next job…

Training The Perfect Step Daughter-

David Dalmer notices his freshly 18 year old daughter, Chloe Cooper, sitting on the couch texting her friends. He walks over to her and sits down on top of her legs, and he tells her the rules that she has to follow if she wants to stay in his home. No panties, no bras, she always has to call him ‘step-daddy’ and she isn’t allowed to ever say ‘no!’ He also tells her that she has to answer the door completely naked, wearing high heels. Chloe agrees to all the terms and conditions and then her step-daddy Dalmer takes his cock out from under his pants. Chloe starts to give him a sloppy blowjob! He starts to titty fuck her while simultaneously getting a blowjob. She lies down on the couch in the missionary position and he starts to fuck her pussy hard. He tells her to beg him to cum inside of her pussy, and she repeats the words back to him. When he is done using her pussy for now, he reminds her of the rules one more time and then he runs off to grab a shower…


Chloe is lying down on her bed when her step-daddy David walks into her bedroom and he hands her a brand new video game console! Chloe is completely naked while she starts to play her video games. Her step-dad gets behind her and he starts to massage her back, before he shoves his hard cock into her pussy. He keeps fucking her pussy from behind while she keeps playing the video game. Once the video game ends, she flips over onto her back and her step-daddy keeps fucking her pussy in the missionary position this time. She flips back over into the doggystyle position while moaning ‘cum for me, step-daddy!’ over and over. He cums inside of her pussy and then he has her lick his cock clean. He’s still a little horny, so he starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position for a few more minutes!

Playing Sex Box-

Chloe is sitting next to her step-daddy David Dalmer on the couch, while he teaches her how to play video games. A few minutes into the game, David grabs a bottle of lube and lubes his hard cock up. Chloe sits on top of his cock and she starts to ride her step-daddy’s cock while she’s simultaneously playing videos. She gets into the doggystyle position next and David continues to fuck her pussy from behind while she’s playing the game. He moves his cock into her mouth and she tries to give him a blowjob without getting distracted from the game. She lies down on the couch in the missionary position next and he fucks her pussy some more. Then she flips back into the doggystyle position, while she continues to play the video game…

Chloe is lying on the couch playing with her phone, when her step-dad walks up to her and asks her if she wants to play another game. She eagerly says ‘yes’ and she starts to play another video game while he fucks her pussy in the missionary position. A few moments later, she flips over into the doggystyle position while she is still playing the video game. Chloe tells him that she wants to feel his cum drip down her throat today! He keeps fucking her pussy until he is ready to cum in her mouth. Then he cums in her mouth and all over her face!

Our Cops, Lt. Chase and Officer Hicks arrive at David Dalmer’s home moments later. Chloe answers the door completely naked. David comes to the front door a few seconds later, and David realizes that he fucked Melanie while she was undercover last week! The two officers get Chloe alone and they explain to her that they want to use her help, since she is an inside source to David. They tell her to look around the house and see if she can find any pictures of anything suspicious. Chloe searches her step-daddy’s bedroom and she finds a phone with some bondage pictures on it… She doesn’t know what to think of this… so she runs, and she keeps running without looking behind her…

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