Taboo Heat Cory Chase, Sophia Locke - Mutli-Milfverse Season 2 - Summer Therapy Parts 1-3 FullHD 720p

Taboo Heat Cory Chase, Sophia Locke - Mutli-Milfverse Season 2 - Summer Therapy Parts 1-3 FullHD 720p 6

Taboo Heat Cory Chase, Sophia Locke - Mutli-Milfverse Season 2 - Summer Therapy Parts 1-3 FullHD 720p 7

Touching My Step Sister
A portal opens up and Cory Chase and her step niece, Summer (Sophia Locke) walk through it. Cory sits down with her Summer and her alternate-universe-step-brother Luke Longy on the couch, so she can have a chat with them. Cory tells Summer and Luke that in this universe, she’s going to need them to get along and to touch each other! ‘Now touch your step-sister!’ Cory tells Luke. Luke is hesitant at first, but he slowly touches her leg at first. Now that they’re getting more comfortable, Cory asks Luke to reach out and touch Summer’s big tits. Luke’s cock starts to get hard, and Cory advises Summer to give a handjob or a blowjob! Summer lifts her hot pink tank top up over her head, and she exposes her big tits to both Luke and her step-aunt. Summer wants to touch Luke’s cock next, and that’s exactly what she does. Summer decides to be a good step-sister so she slowly starts to jerk Luke’s cock with her hand. Their step-aunt, Cory, gets behind Summer and she starts to play with her step-niece’s tits while Summer is still jerking off Luke’s cock. Summer finally wraps her lips around Luke’s cock and she motions her head up and down as she gives him a blowjob.

Fucking My Sister
Cory is upset that Summer and Luke are still not getting along as well as she’d hoped, so she instructs Summer to fuck her step-brother! Summer strips completely naked. Cory tells Luke that he should lie down on the couch and allow his step-sister to ride his cock. Summer hops on top of Luke and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position, while their step-aunt watches. Summer moves into the doggystyle position next, and Luke continues to fuck his step-sister’s pussy from behind. She flips over into the missionary position and they ask their step-aunt if they have permission for Luke to cream pie his step-sister. Cory gives them permission, and Luke cums deep inside of Summer’s pussy.

Step Sister Swallows
Cory and her step-niece, Summer, sit down on the bed next to each other. ‘I need you to suck, fuck and swallow Luke’s load this time. After you’re done, I will take you back home!’ Cory tells Summer. Once Summer agrees to the terms, they call Luke into the room for another sexual therapy session. Cory is also going to film their session! Summer pulls her light purple tank top down under her tits, so her tits are now exposed to Luke. She takes her panties off, and then Luke reaches out to touch her big tits and her ass. Luke instructs Summer to take the bottle of MILF Glue out from the drawer, and to stroke his cock with the MILF Glue on her hands. To her surprise, her hand doesn’t stick this time! Summer gets down on her knees next, and she starts to give her step-brother a blowjob. Once his cock is nice and hard, she lies down on her back and Luke starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. After a few minutes, she flips over into the doggystyle position and he fucks her pussy from behind. When Luke is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off into her mouth and on her face!

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