TABOO – Keiyra, Vinnie – My Niece Return is from France FullHD wmv FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

My Niece has big tits and I Can`t resist more

She has come to America to go to School….and she is staying with her Uncle Vinnie….whom she hasn’t seen since she was a little girl. Uncle Vinnie has just picked up his Niece from the Airport, and brought her back to his Condo. When Uncle Vinnie asks his Niece “what’s new”, since he last saw her….the first thing his Niece thinks about…..are her Boobs!!! Keiyra is very proud of her Boobs.

They are BIG….they are BOUNTIFUL…..they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Keiyra takes off her sweater and her bra to show her Uncle her Spectacular Breasts. In Europe….nudity is very common….and Keiyra thinks nothing of showing her Beautiful Breasts to her Uncle. In America, however…..things are different….and Uncle Vinnie can’t help but be a) Shocked that his Niece is displaying Her Great Big Tits to him….and b) TURNED ON!!! Uncle Vinnie gets a HUGE Boner in his pants…and he shows it to his Niece, Keiyra. Although Keiyra is very comfortable with nudity….being European…She is very innocent when it comes to sex…..and she is surprised to see that her Uncle has an erect penis. Uncle Vinnie asks his Niece if she would like to “play with” his erect penis….and curiosity gets the best of Keiyra….and she agrees. Keiyra begins to “play with” her Uncle’s cock…and she is surprised at how big it is. Keiyra continues to Stroke her Uncle’s cock until it erupts into an Enormous Cumshot….which catches Keiyra by surprise…..”WHAT’S THAT????!!!” Keiyra screams as she sees sperm flying everywhere. Her Uncle explains to her that she has caused him to ejaculate. Keiyra wipes the sticky, foreign substance from her hands. I think staying with her Uncle is going to be quite an experience for young Keiyra………..

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Format: wmv
resolution: 1920 x 1080
duration: 00:10:45
size: 639 mb

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