Tag Team Daddy II – Clarke Kent, Britt Blair, Jesse Pony HD 720p

Tag Team Daddy II - Clarke Kent, Britt Blair, Jesse Pony HD 720p

Jesse (Pony) arrives at Britt (Blair)’s home, anxious to see Britt’s stepdad (Clarke Kent). Britt pretends he’s away, but Jesse sees his car and knows she’s lying and the girls have a drawn-out argument on the doorsteps. They made a deal -swapping stepdaddies, and Britt’s already made love to Jesse’s old man. Now it’s Jesse’s turn but her friend’s intent on weaseling out of it, suggesting Britt have sex with a neighbor instead, but Jesse’s adamant -she wants just one night with Clarke. The girls’ kerfuffle is interrupted by Clarke opening the front door and greeting Jesse. She boldly asks if she could stay over that night, and he immediately agrees, noting: “Britt would love to have another sleepover”.

Britt feigns enthusiasm for the idea, and it’s all settled. Late at night after 3 a.m., Britt’s fast asleep when her frisky friend sneaks off and lies down in bed with Clarke, who’s also deep in slumber. He wakes up suddenly, exclaiming “Jesse!”, shocked at seeing the young girl there. Her excuse is: “I had a bad dream, and I tried to wake Britt up, but you know how impossible she is to wake up”. She’s ashamed to be still afraid of nightmares now that she’s almost 19 years old, but Clarke encourages her to talk about her dreams -it’s therapeutic. “But this dream is so-o-o personal”, she tries to beg off. “Don’t worry -I promise to keep it just between me and you, if you don’t mind sharing”, Clarke contends. She tells him of dreaming that an intruder broke into her bedroom and tied her up, and when she leaned in and saw his face -“It was you”, she declares. He insists he would never do anything like that, but she adds: “The most terrible thing about it is that…I liked it. I was so wet, I was absolutely dripping, that I had to take my panties off”. Clarke responds: “I see you’re wearing my stepdaughter’s lingerie”. “Oh, do you think it’s pretty?”, she asks, showing off her purloined panties. The teen won’t take no for an answer when he suggests she go back to Britt’s room, and she impulsively kisses him. Escalating matters, Jesse whispers: “I can see you’re so hard for me”, and she surprises him by revealing a pair of handcuffs she’s brought with her. She puts them on her wrists, and Clarke has had enough of this tomfoolery -he demands she produce the key, and it’s time for him to take her home. With a big smile, Jesse tells him: “The key is in my pussy! Come on daddy, get the key out of my pussy, and I’ll go back to my room”, as she removes her panties. Clarke follows orders, afraid she’ll tell her parents on him, and searches the inviting pussy with two of his fingers, while Jesse begs for him to put his cock inside her. She’s not to be denied and takes out his cock and inserts it inside her pussy. The naughty little minx insists, over Clarke’s weak objections, on giving him a blowjob and taking them through all sorts of positions until finally he can’t hold back and delivers a creampie. Jesse sticks her fingers inside her tiny vagina and produces the key at last, declaring: “I got ’em”. After 9 a.m., Britt finally wakes up and wonders where Jesse is. Daddy informs her that she’s gone home, and that he doesn’t want his daughter seeing her anymore, declaring “She’s a bad influence”. Rather than take Clarke’s advice, Britt takes his hand and puts two of his fingers in her mouth. Next, she’s rubbing his crotch. She declares: “I want you to kiss me just like you used to kiss mommy”. She takes out his cock and asks: “You should let me taste it, just one time”. No amount of protests from Clarke can deter the girl from her goal, but she’s always polite, saying “Please, daddy” as she escalates their intimacy. Watch this second (and taboo) scene unfold, and whatever you do, don’t tell mommy!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:02:04
Size: 560 Mb

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