TBFE - Featuring Stella - The Broker HD mp4

Contains: Low Blow, Ground Work, Kick, Bondage arms and legs, Humiliation by use of live broadcast to world, Use of Purple Crystals which put Heroine in extreme amounts of pain, Placement of Crystals underneath costume next to her power center and in her mouth, Costume Destruction, Breast squeezing, Pussy stimulation over the costume, Forced O and Fucking in one position, Injection of extra terrestrial stimulant to force O, Same alien stimulant dumped in fluid form over heroineТs exposed body and forced down her throat, forcing hyper ventilation and imminent heart attack, De-masking, Destruction of symbol, Heroine Death by overexertion.

A very rich a powerful arms and weapons dealer has been watching his profit margins sliding. Countries are feeling a bit too peaceful and the world needs to be shaken up a bit. Not wanting to get his hands dirty, he finances a brilliant genius with a hard on for Solaria. Eager for the opportunity to take down one of the worldТs most attention craving УfalseФ icons and to prove heТs far more powerful than her, he doesnТt hesitate. Streaming live to a world-wide audience in an effort to drum up fear and chaos gives him the opportunity to show off his shear brilliance. Once sheТs captured and restrained and the cameras are rolling, Solaria doesnТt stand a chance against the different methods heТs devised to torture and humiliate her.

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