The Proposal - Helena Locke, Josh Rivers FullHD 1080p

The Proposal - Helena Locke, Josh Rivers FullHD 1080p 4

Josh (Rivers) is holding a ring and practicing his engagement speech to give to his girlfriend, when he’s interrupted by his stepmom (Helena Locke) passing through the room. She was supposed to be on a flight with his dad, but she informs Josh that they had a fight, and she’s staying home.

Helena is taken aback about how expensive the ring is, but Josh said it’s the one his girlfriend Cecilia picked out, and he believes he needs to go through with this or lose her. “But what about us? How is this gonna affect our relationship?”, stepmom asks. Josh assures her that he’ll always love her, as she’s been more of a mom to him than his biological mother. He even promises that she’ll always be number one for him.

Josh asks his stepmom to do him a favor and pretend to be his fiance, Cecilia, so that he can practice his proposal. Helena agrees to role-play, but both of them have trouble staying in character, as he calls her “Mom” and she reacts more like herself than a girlfriend. With his ring on her finger, Helena leans over and gives him a soft warm kiss, right on the lips. But he wonders what sort of kiss he should give Cecilia. Stepmom suggests it have romantic passion, and Josh dutifully tries one out on her. Helena offers to give him some practice, including a “pretend” French kiss.

They practice the proposal and the kisses are not the type you would ever give your mother, but Josh can’t resist her beauty, her lips against his. Helena breaks off a romantic kiss, declaring: “I don’t want this to go too far”, and sends him off to see Cecilia and propose for real. That night, Josh visits mom’s bedroom and she’s still awake. He tells her: “I couldn’t go through with it. I realized that you were right -I’m not experienced enough”. But he has a surprise for Helena. “It was the kiss -I couldn’t get it out of my head”. Telling her he still plans to propose to Ceciila in the morning, he drops a bombshell: “I realized that I wanted you to be my first. Mom, I want to experience you, and I think you felt it, too”, he tells her.

Helena is reluctant to go through with this, but he asks her for one more kiss, before she turns down her son’s request. They kiss several times, and then Helena whispers: “Take off your clothes. I want you to eat mommy’s pussy”. Watch the taboo sexual initiation scene unfold…

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