The Tabooddhist – Melissa Moore – My Precious Father/Daughter sex FullHD (1080p/

Added: 1/27/17

STARRING: Melissa Moore

Young Melissa sneaks into her daddy’s room to watch him sleep. She knows it’s wrong, but she has started to feel differently about him, has begun to have urges that that are new and confusing.
As she looks down on his peaceful slumber, inhaling the familiar musk that floods her memory with times when he had bounced her on his knee and tucked her into bed, her usual feeling of paternal affection are usurped by strange, new desires. She feels a heat flare up between her legs, a wetness in her panties, as she pulls the covers back to reveal more of the older man’s body.
Uncertain as to how far she can go, she lays a hand on his warm skin, caressing his hairy chest and flat abdomen. When he does not awake, she grows bolder, nuzzling his crotch, tracing the outline of his growing erection through his boxers and inhaling the scent of his manliness. The feeling of the little girl’s warm, wet mouth as it engulfs the flared head of his cock, of her playful tongue as it laps at his shaft, causes the man to awaken, eyes going wide when his sees his baby girl sucking him. “Don’t be mad, daddy. Just let me take care of you and make you feel good.” He groans as she continues to worship his cock, filling her young mouth with his hardness and sucking his balls into her mouth. Understanding that his little angel is growing up, and in too much pleasure to stop her, he lets her slobber and drool over his big daddy cock. Responsible parent that he is, however, he can’t let her do all the work. Laying her on her back, he removes her pretty panties and buries his face between her legs to lick her sensitive baby girl parts. No one has ever done that to her and she gasps as his tongue roots around in her innocent and dripping hole. Face still dripping with his baby’s juices, he spreads her shapely legs and guides his cock into the tight pussy. He thrusts inside her, the snug walls of her cunt stretching around the thick length of meat that invades parts of her that no one has ever touched. Feeling a closeness to her daddy that she never has before, she cums, fleshy walls contracting around his hardness deep inside her. He feels good that he could make his little girl cum, but he needs his own release. Flipping her over onto her hands and knees, he grabs her soft hips and thrusts into her from behind. Moaning from the overwhelming sensations of daddy’s huge prick filling her, her cunt clutches at the rigid meat poking her womb, sending her loving daddy over the edge. Not wanting to paint the inside of his baby girl, he pulls out, his dick spurting jet of white cum, covering his sexy angel’s back with a warm puddle of cream. The young girl smiles at what a good girl she has become and curls up to drift off in daddy’s bed.

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:15:33
Size: 591 Mb

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