The Texting Incident - Chad White, Dana Vespoli FullHD 1080p

The Texting Incident - Chad White, Dana Vespoli FullHD 1080p 4

Stepmom, Dana (Vespoli), is leaving the house on her way to catch the train for work, when her adult stepson Chad (White) shows up distraught. She is desperate to soothe her sweet boy, but he is too flustered for words. He hands her his cellphone and when she sees the photos of his wife with another man, she completely understands.

Stepmom tries to sympathize with him, but he’s imagining all sorts of crazy things, fearful that she’s dating. “She has to be, right? How else could I interpret THIS?!” Dana points out that they’re divorcing, and the woman moving on is inevitable, but he insists that it’s just a temporary separation, and they’re not even separate, as they still live together in their house!

He’s still quite close to his stepmom, she’s been more of a mother to him than his own, even though she’s divorced from his dad. Dana suggests he needs to get back out in the dating pool. It takes everything inside of her to offer such a suggestion, she has always fantasized of being ‘with her boy,’ no matter how taboo that sounds. Chad listens to her briefly, but can’t imagine it: “No! Shannon’s my wife. She’s my soulmate. I can’t do that! ” He considers for a moment, completely ignoring the subtle look of relief on his stepmother’s face. He then realizes her wild idea isn’t all bad. “I got it! I know how to win her back. She needs to feel how I feel. I don’t need to go out on a date, she just needs to think I’m dating.” Dana isn’t following, she doubles down on her idea– she knows that the ‘right’ thing is for Chad to be with a woman his own age. Dana suggests that he get on some dating websites. Chad flatly rejects as he stares into his stepmother’s eyes.

“I should send her a text. Say I’m going on a date with a gorgeous girl. What can I say that will make her jealous?”, Chad thinks out loud. Dana disagrees: “I’m of the opinion that honesty is always the best course of action”. But Chad goes ahead, texting Shannon about his dating and asking if she has any objections, to please text him back. The immediate response from his wife reads: “Sounds good. Have a great time”. He’s disappointed, this is NOT the reaction he was hoping for. Why isn’t she writhing in jealousy? What the hell?! He considers that he needs to up the ante.

It’s possible that Shannon isn’t taking him seriously, probable that she doesn’t even BELIEVE him! He impulsively grabs his stepmom’s hand and sends a photo of their clasped hands. “This is gonna backfire, because she’s not going to get jealous of you holding hands with some old lady. I don’t want to be part of this scheme”, Dana declares.

It’s still not working, so Chad suggests he take a sexy picture of his stepmom with him, not showing her face, to send in order to make Shannon jealous. Escalating, he takes one showing him grasping Dana’s breast through her bra. Dana fights her urge to enjoy the escalation, she is reluctant. She’s a good and moral woman, no matter her deepest, darkest fantasies. Chad starts to get excited by the play. Does he really want to make his wife jealous, or does he want to see how far he can push his stepmother? Dana notices the hard-on in Chad’s shorts. “It’s fine, I find it a bit flattering”, she admits. Chad is even more aroused by his sexy stepmother’s carefully worded consent. “Can you put your hand on my cock for a pic?”, he asks, and although every bone in her body tells her how wrong it is, she begrudgingly agrees -anything to help her sexy stepson.

Firmly gripping his cock, Dana concedes: “I have to say, Shannon is a lucky lady”. Dana looks at Chad with a wry smile. Soon he’s shooting photos of her stripping off her stockings and posing in her black lace panties. As he strokes her bare pussy both of them are getting turned on. After he goes down on her, he gets permission to rub his cock against her and then penetrate her pussy. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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