Transformation Fantasies Little Puck – web my sticky womb spider gwen FullHD 1080p

Transformation Fantasies Little Puck - web my sticky womb spider gwen FullHD 1080p

After a hard night’s patrol, you and Spider Gwen land on the roof top of her home. Gwen reluctantly thanks you for coming to her aid however she insists she had everything in control. You flash back to when Doc Oct had her pinned down with all four arms hentai style. Spider-gwen’s perv sense goes off. “What the hell miles?! Were you just getting a stiffy to that lezbo doc oct feeling up on me?! Really right now!? So typical! So not only do I get the pervy creeper stares from the villains trying to feel me up! Now I have to deal with you fantasizing about it too!!!” You’re quick to point out that Gwen’s new outfit doesn’t help the situation. “Whatever! I only got this outfit because you said it would help me dodge faster and jump higher. ” Spider-gwen turns around doing a few squats showing off the costume’s flexibility.

Unintentionally, doing squats in front of miles, wasn’t the best way to make her point. You stare at Gwen’s marbled ass flexing, up & down causing an uncontrollable erection in his spidey suit…and he goes off on a fantasy of what Spider-Gwen Could Be Wearing Underneath…. Gwen’s perv sense are on fire right now, she can feel your eyes on her ass and it’s making her pussy juicy wet, so gwen can’t help but lean into the teasing of Miles by rubbing her ass. Then she turns around slowly unzipping her top, stopping midway to tease you. As she is Locking eyes you, gwen says “oh is that right? you want a better view of my tits Mr. Spiderman?!” “Well you will have to show me how SENSATIONAL that dick really is!” You quickly pull out your hard dick and Gwen’s tits pops completely out, taken aback from the size & girth of it all. This is gwen first time even seeing a real dick up close. Yet, she knows exactly what she wants to do.. she gets on her knees, slowly, timidly licking your throbbing dick. Once gwen begins licking the head of yourdick she gets a taste of his radioactive precum. Upon tasting this unique flavorful precum it also issues a side effect of acting As an aphrodisiac. The combination of this taste & perv sense is setting Gwen’s pussy a flame. Gwen is now sucking miles dick like a total slut. Ahegao eyes locked on miles as the most dirty filthy comments & sounds bellow out of Gwen’s mouth. ” FUCK MY FACE SPIDERMAN! LET ME LICK ALL OF THIS TASTY CUM! WEB MY FACE WITH YOUR SPIDY CUM! DO YOU LOVE HOW I SUCK YOUR DICK MR SPIDERMAN?! I SWEAR I CAN TAKE IT DEEPER IN MY THROAT THAN M.J! I CAN BE YOUR OWN FUCK DOLL SPIDEY! MAKE ME SUCK ON IT! I’M A WHORE ONLY FOR THIS DICK! it’s too intense for you and you cum all over her face! Thinking it’s over you try to pull up your pants… WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!? WE ARE FAR FROM DONE! DO YOU SEE HOW SLOPPY WET MY PUSSY IS!? THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY & WITH A GREAT POWERFUL DICK, YOU WILL FUCK ME UNTIL IVE HAD MY FILL. Miles finally realizing that fucking in the open on top of a roof probably isn’t the best way to conceal one’s secret identity. Gwen takes you to her room and gets your dick hard again by rubbing her radioactive pussy juices on your dick. Surprisingly this has an effect that damn near triples the size of miles cock! Gwen shocked “Wait hold up miles, maybe this isn’t such a good idea, I didn’t know my pussy juices would make you grow a massive cock!!! I don’t think it will fit!” Unknowingly to miles, Gwen’s pussy juices has the same aphrodisiac effect on him, making him super horny & sexually aggressive. Gwen tries to take control of the situation by climbing on top to ride miles but once his massive dick head penetrates her tight virgin pussy, all bets are off! Gwen goes ahegao immediately, eyes rolling in the back of her head… the clip to see what happens next!! featuring gwen cosplay, transformation fantasy, fantasy roleplay, cartoon roleplay, comic book roleplay, pov sex, fishnets, red boots, blonde hair, ahegao, eye cross fetish, black dildo, cumshots, facial, creampie, ass spreading, ass shaking.

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