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Your step-mom is on the phone with her husband complaining that she thinks you have a crush on her and that you look at her creepily sometimes. She also thinks you’re way to old to have an imaginary friend. Little does she know that your ‘imaginary friend’ is actually a ghost that only you can see and when your ghost buddy hears your step-mom mention that you are old enough to move out he decides he’d better do something. He flies up your step-mom’s skirt and possesses her body. After the initial excitement of having successfully possessed your step-mom, your ghost buddy goes about checking out her hot bod in the mirror and figuring out how to walk in her crazy high heels. He decides he should play a little prank on you as he practices mimicking her voice.

Meanwhile, you’re in your room jerking off to pics of your hot step-mom on your phone when she bursts in on you and catches you in the act. You think you’re in a world of trouble when all of the sudden she starts laughing maniacally. Your ghost buddy lets you in on the secret that it’s really him, he possessed your step-mom’s body and fooled you! He also mentions that he overheard her saying you have a crush on her and so he offers to let you touch her boobs and butt since you now have the opportunity. He strips out of her clothes to give you a good look at everything and even jumps up and down to make her boobs bounce. Finally, he figures he better un-possess her pretty soon before she starts to get wise. But don’t worry, he says, now that he’s figured it out he can possess her whenever her wants and you can get to know your hot step-mom’s body even more intimately. He clumsily puts her clothes back on and flies out of her mouth, leaving her standing in your room unsure of how she got there or what is happening.

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