UltraGirl Public Disgrace McKenzie – TheRyeFilms FullHD 1080p

 UltraGirl Public Disgrace McKenzie - TheRyeFilms FullHD 1080p

UltraGirl’s secret identity (Hot shot news reporter Kara Lee) is found out by Lexx Kruger. He sexually advances on Kara during a broadcast trying to get her to reveal she is UltraGirl. Kara tries to defend herself but Lexx’s new GEL formula is too much for the mighty UltraGirl to handle. Kara is physically and sexually dominated during the broadcast. When Lexx is satisfied he tells Kara to come back in 20 minutes as UltraGirl to face him again or her secret identity will be revealed!

Kara retreats and takes a very painful phone call from another Superheroine asking if UltraGirl is going to stop Lexx. Left with no choice, Kara changes into UltraGirl and faces Lexx once again. She prevents him from redosing with more GEL and gets the upper hand but Lexx has a spare dose! While UltraGirl is talking to the cameras about her new self defense studio Lexx pounces and slowly destroys UltraGirl in front of her fans!

This movie contains multiple beat downs, forced orgasms, groping, topless and rear nudity, sim sex, BJ, low blow, bear hugs, back breaker, KO’s, belly punching, slapping, and more!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:46:00
Size: 2127 Mb

aincest – 35212 RYE Public Disgrace UltraGirl.mp4

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