UNCLE JACK’S NIECES – Nora Doll, Jack Moore – Impregnate Me For Vday my Uncle – Impregnation Fantasy, Niece SD [clips4sale.com/2016]

Riding Hard with Nora Doll and Jack Moore – Uncle/Niece sex, Porn Incest, Taboo

Added: 4/20/16 1:34pm

Nora had been learning a lot about fun with her Uncle Jack. Now she was getting horny and who else to call for help but, of course, Uncle Jack. It was time for Nora to just enjoy sex and Uncle Jack wanted it to be an experience she wouldn’t forget. Nora woke Jack up, she knew he would rise to the occasion and of course he did. Since this was for Nora, Uncle Jack warmed her up, as though she needed it, with a little fingering. That beautiful clit of Noras just popped right up. Now that Jack has her attention it was time to give Nora a little licking. Uncle Jack tickled her clit, stroked it gently then started kissing it, gently at first but then a little more intense. Jack licked her then squeezed that beautiful clit just a little and licked it some more then sucked on it and Nora enjoyed every moment. Nora was way ready so Uncle Jack slipped into that beautiful pussy. She was so ready and so wet. Uncle Jack stroked that pussy with his dick, a little harder then a little harder yet. Nora wanted more and when Jack slowed down Nora stroked on his dick, so incredibly sexy, she wants it and shes going to have it. Uncle Jack thought hed teach her a few different positions so he lifted her leg and rolled around behind her so now hes in her from behind, laying on their side. Uncle Jack stoked then played with her clit and fucked her more. Nora was loving it. Then without warning, Uncle Jack rolled on his back, lifting Nora as he rolled so she ended on top in a reverse cowgirl. Nora wast sure what was going on but she adapted immediately. Nora rode Uncle Jack like a champ, jumping up and down on his dick, now Uncle Jack was in heaven, watching that beautiful butt bouncing up and down on his dick. Uncle Jack just laid back and enjoyed the show, and a magnificent show it was. Uncle Jack wanted to show Nora how easy it was to change from one position to another so he pulled her off his dick and pulled her hips back to his face so they could 69. That wet, sloppy pussy was delicious and Nora knew just what she was supposed to do, she sucked on Uncle Jack hard and fast and even deep throated him. Uncle Jack was amazed she was able to get all of him, shes awesome. Uncle Jack wanted some more of that sweet pussy so Nora turned around and rode Uncle Jack some more cowgirl. Now she was able to completely take charge and she hammered away on Jack. Oh man, Jack couldt hold it any longer and blew a huge load in her pussy and she soaked up every drop, well almost every drop but Nora wanted to be sure she got it all so when Jack slid out she grabbed his dick and shoved it back in again. This is one hungry girl.

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