Veronica Leal

Charlie Dean is on his phone when he gets it into his head to send a dick pic to the girl he likes. He can’t seem to get it right, and he’s so engrossed with his phone that he doesn’t notice his stepmother Veronica Leal watching him. Veronica offers to let Charlie take a photo with a lady’s hand on his dick so the girl he likes may get jealous…

Veronica tells Charlie that she has a kinky idea. She’ll put her tongue on his dick for another photo. Next thing Charlie knows, his stepmommy is sucking him off like crazy. She climbs onto his face so he can eat her out, then slides down so she can ride his stiffie.

Veronica lays on her side with Charlie spooning behind her as he keeps fucking. When Veronica gets on her knees, Charlie does her from behind. They wind down with Vanessa riding the D in reverse cowgirl. She keeps on bouncing until Charlie creampies her, then suggests maybe the girl he likes could use some healthy competition.

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Last Update: June 21, 2024