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Mom is doing the laundry and her son walks up behind her. “Hi honey, I didn’t see you standing there. I’m just doing one last load before dinner” she smiles. Son smiles back and mom focuses her attention back to the washing machine. Son grabs her ass, mom is startled ” What are you doing?! You aren’t supposed to grab me like that! I’m your MOTHER” she says with an irritated tone. She goes back to the laundry once again still annoyed at her son. Son grabs her ass again and this time tries to pull down her pants. Mom protests but son grabs her and all of a sudden she’s a little scared of her own son. She notices that he is rock hard through his pants. “Are you hard?! What is wrong with you! You’re my SON”. Son ignores her and moves her shirt to expose her perky tits. Mom panics. Son starts to pin her against the washer and dryer and she can’t move. She realizes that she can’t get away from him.

“Do you want me to rub it for you or something?” she says in a pleading almost desperate tone. “I can jerk it for you but you can’t do THIS, you can’t put it inside me” Son doesn’t look convinced, ” Do you want to touch mommy’s tits? The tits you used to suck on when you were a baby?” she looks desperately at her son. “Do you want to put it in mommy’s mouth? Without answering he proceeds to take his pants down and slowly sticks his hard dick deep inside his mother. ” Stop! You can’t do this, you’re SICK! I am your MOTHER! Your father is upstairs watching the game!” Suddenly she becomes aware of the fact that it is starting to feel good. She tries to fight it. “You..little..” she says in between moans. “You..bastard…” she manages to get out. Her moans start to get more wild. She is on the verge of orgasm. “You’…mommy…CUM” she whispers loudly as her pussy cums on all over her son’s cock. ” Don’t cum inside mommy, baby. Where do you want to cum? You can cum on mommy’s tits, or mommy’s face. PLEASE don’t cum inside me!”she begs her son. “Cum on mommy’s tongue, I will stick my tongue out and mommy will swallow every last drop of your cum.” She gets on her knees and sticks her tongue out and her son’s cock explodes all over her tongue. She sits back, angry with her son, “I can’t believe you made me do this!I hope you’re happy, you turned your mother into a whore”.

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