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Mommy doesn’t want to get in the way of you and your new girlfriend! I mean, she’s a very sweet girl after all.. and I don’t want to pry in your personal life. But I’m a boy mom- it’s my job to be over protective! I just thought you might bring home a girl who was a little bit more like..

Mommy! I’m just afraid she won’t be able to meet all your needs sweetie. It’s normal for a mother to be concerned, especially about her sweet boy. And well.. Mommy thinks she knows the best way to deal with this. You always loved sucking on Mommy’s tits.. and I know your flat tittied girlfriend can’t do this for you. Just close your eyes and suck, Mommy wants to show you why you need a woman who meets HER expectations. Mommy is going to take care of that big dick of yours, and I know your girlfriend could never handle a cock like this. But Mommy made this cock, and Mommy knows exactly how to ride it. Mommy is glad she intervened too.. with how hard this cock is, I can tell your girlfriend REALLY hasn’t been satisfying you. It’s okay though- I’m here now my sweet boy. Take all of your frustrations out on me. push mommy onto this counter and take her the way you need to. Mommy is going to make sure to show you why you’re MY boy.. and no girlfriend is going to get in the way of that.. and for that matter, no condom either.

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