Virtual Sex FionaDagger – Sis Controls Your Mind FullHD 1080p

Your sister comes into your room for a chat, asking how things with your new girlfriend are going. You tell her that they’re actually going really well, even though it’s not been a long time, you’re feeling pretty serious about her! Your sister seems a little put out by this information, and you try to comfort her and tell her you’re sure she’ll find a boyfriend soon.

She replies that she doesn’t care about that at all, she’s not some silly girl who’s desperate for a boyfriend, and besides, she has lots of hobbies to keep her busy. You tease her a bit about how she’s got into crystals recently, and she perks up; saying that she has a new one to show you. She pulls it out of her pocket and nervously holds it in front of your face, watching closely to gauge your reaction. You find the crystal very beautiful, almost dazzling, and your sister seems pleased. She mentions that the site she bought it from described it as having special powers, but when you ask what the powers are supposed to be, she changes the subject. She holds it back up in front of your face, encouraging you to look deeply into it. As you gaze into it she asks how you’re feeling, and you admit to her that you’re actually feeling weirdly tired. Your sister encourages this and tells you to lean into the feeling, softly waving the crystal back and forth in front of your eyes. After a few moments she suggests that you close your eyes and sink down into the warm feeling, and you do so, feeling yourself let go and drift into a state of bliss. Your sister is thrilled that it worked, even with her nervous and clumsy handling! She informs you that from now on, snapping her fingers will bring you in and out of this state. She tests it by snapping her fingers and you wake up, feeling a little confused but with no memory of what she said to you. She snaps her fingers once more, sending you back down, then panics a little trying to think of what to tell you to do. She decides to tell you that you want to break up with your girlfriend, as you don’t think she’s at all right for you. When she brings you up again you immediately admit that you’re feeling upset, you don’t think things are right with your girlfriend, and you want to break it off. Your sister commiserates with you and comforts you, and suggests that you get it over with and text her right now to let her know. You agree and quickly text your now ex girlfriend, feeling much better and grateful that your sister is there to lend you support. She then snaps her fingers again, growing more confident, and tells you that this time you’ll be deeply attracted to her, so much so that you won’t even mind that she’s your sister. When she brings you out of it, you’re straight away struck by how good your sister looks, and you can’t believe you never noticed it before! You can’t help but compliment your sister, telling her how beautiful she looks, as she giggles and thanks you. She puts you under once more to command you that you want to kiss her, and to do all the things you would do with your girlfriend, with her instead… You beg her to let you kiss her, telling her you don’t care that she’s your sister, you want her so bad that it doesn’t matter. You make out before you beg to see her body, and your sister strips down for you – commanding you to fuck her! You lay her back on the bed and passionately fuck her, amazed by how much you want her and how good it feels! Your sister cums hard on your cock, then commands you to beg her to lick her pussy! You kneel down and worship her pussy with your tongue as your sister groans and tells you how much she loves her big brother, admitting she’s fantasised about this for years. You make her cum once more, and she commands you to beg for her to suck your cock. You beg her, desperately, and she happily obliges you; stroking, sucking and licking your cock as she tells you how long she’s dreamed of tasting your cum. As you explode down her throat she swallows every drop, then puts you under once more to command you that you’re going to keep wanting her, but you’re not going to tell anyone about what happened today!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 540 x 960
Duratio: 00:28:52
Size: 255 Mb

aincest – 45570 Sis Controls Your Mind.mp4

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