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You have just finished getting ready for another girls night out and show off your sexy outfit asking how you look. I say you look stunning as always. You ask if I will be waiting up for you like last time because if so you would thank me in the same way!! Then you think and say why wait until you get home as your father is out drinkkin again! you start teasing me with your body and revealing you are not wearing knickers before you straddle me and we have sloppy kisses. You feel my cock getting hard under you so you take out your beautiful boobs and motorboat my face while grinding on my hard cock. Then you release my hard cock from my trousers and slowly ease me inside you commenting how big and hard I am tonight. You slowly ride me moaning with pleasure and playing with your boobs getting faster and more frenetic as you orgasm on my cock. As you start riding again you hear my father come home so tell me to be to be quiet while you continue to slowly ride me. As you near climax again you have to muffle your moans but let out a load moan of pleasure as you orgasm again. When you hear my father in the next room you shout out telling him to have a shower straightaway to sober up! When you hear the bathroom door shut you tell me to get on top and fuck you really hard as father won’t hear moans in the shower…I oblige and fuck you hard and fast and you moan and scream with pleasure until we cum together. As you get your breath back you say that your girls will be waiting for her so you have to go…as you sit up and make sure your dress is okay you point out that you will be dancing with my cum dribbling down your leg . Then you wink at me and say ..make sure you wait up for me!

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