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I’m awakened from dream land in my bed as my dad comes into my room. What does he want? I’m just want to doze off again, but he won’t leave me alone. He wants me to… take care of him? Ugh, gross! Fine, if I take care of him, will he let me get back to bed. Okay… I tell my dad to pull his cock out. I start stroking my dad’s already hard cock.

I put my mouth around it and start sucking, though my little mouth barely fits around it. I know he likes the messy noises, so do it to try and hurry this up. He puts his hand on my head and shoves his cock in my mouth. He knows I hate it when he makes me gag like that! He doesn’t seem to care. Whatever. I just want to finish this up so I can go back to bed. Now he wants me to take my tits out. Why do I have to do that? If it hurries this along, then fine. I play with titties for my dad, and reach down to stroke his cock at the same time. Now he wants me to take my shorts off too? For what? I can see he’s not going to leave this alone until I do. I stand up and pull off my shorts for my dad. He grabs me and pulls me into him. I tell him no and push against him, but he buries his face in my pussy. He starts licking my pussy! I can’t believe… it’s actually starting to feel really good… I mean, no! It doesn’t feel good at all. I tell him to stop because something is happening. I think… I think I’m cumming from my dad licking my pussy! I cum on my dad’s face, then he puts me on my knees to make me suck his cock some more. I can tell he’s getting really hard and close to cumming. I speed up sucking on his cock until he erupts all over my face and even in my hair. Gross! He says he still wants more. No, I’m not having sex with my dad again! He’s way too big, and it hurts. He doesn’t care and makes me climb on top of him. I slide my dad’s enormous cock into my little pussy. It’s stretching me so much! I ride on top of my dad until I can’t take it anymore and turn around. Now riding him with my ass in his face, he should be ready to cum again soon. I can feel his cock throbbing as he is about to cum again. He grabs me and won’t let me go as he shoots his cum deep inside me. He came inside his own daughter! He is unbelievable! Now I have my dad’s cum all over my face and hair, and inside of me too. I just want to get this cleaned up so I can go back to bed.

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