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We really shouldn’t be doing this. I can’t imagine what my husband would think if he found out. His wife and his son… No, of course I don’t want to stop. My son sure is Mommy’s boy. I should probably close the curtains. Otherwise the neighbors could easily see. I’m sure they wouldn’t approve. Oh, my son doesn’t want me to close the blinds? He wants them to watch what naughty things Mommy does to her son?

He’s so naughty, my good son. I guess if he doesn’t mind them watching, then Mommy had better get started. Ooh look at that cock already hard for Mommy. I pull my titties out and start stroking my son’s cock. He’s always preferred Mommy’s hand to his own. Mommy touches it right. I bend over and wrap my lips around his cock. I know he loves seeing my titties hanging out of my bra while I lick up and down his hard cock. I happen to glance over my shoulder and see the neighbors walking by. My ass is just pointed right at their face. Maybe we should cover up. No, my son tells me not to. Even though they can see us right now sucking my son’s cock, he doesn’t want to hide anything. I can see the neighbors staring at us now! Well, we might as well give them a good show, right? I climb on top of my son and pull the bottoms off of my sexy lingerie. I turn around so the neighbors can see my face and make my good boy eat Mommy’s pussy. With my son’s face pressed into my ass, I see more neighbors. We’re starting to gather a group out there, and they’re all just staring at us! Well, I guess people are going to find out now, huh? I move down and push my son’s cock into my eager, wet pussy. Looking out the window, I can see all those neighbors watching my son fuck his Mommy right out in the open. I bounce up and down on my son’s cock, ready to cum. He makes me cum so hard, and I want more. As I turn around on top of him, I get a naughty idea. I don’t want him to pull out this time. I know it could get me pregnant. That’s kinda the point. I’m not going to let him pull out. I know he wants to cum inside of Mommy this time, and I’m going to make sure we cum together. Oh my god, I can tell he’s about to cum, and so am I. I look out the window one more time. Let’s give them a really good show, as I tell my son to fill up his mommy. Oh he fills me up so good as I cum all over his hard cock. I can feel his warm cum inside of me, and I tell him I do kinda hope I get pregnant. What a good son.

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