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I’m so glad my boyfriend is home. I’m feeling so horny, and I’ve missed him all day. I start talking dirty to him, getting him turned on. I love getting him rock hard talking when I talk about him pleasing this pussy. I start rubbing my tits and rubbing his cock at the same time. He loves when I do that. I tell him about how I’ve been thinking about that big fat cock of his deep inside my wet pussy.

I tease him for a while to get him nice and turned on, playing with my body to get him nice and hard. Once he is bulging out of his pants, I pull his cock out and slide it into my mouth. I get it nice and wet, talking dirty to him, telling him how I love sucking his nice fat cock. I slurp up on down on his cock, getting it nice and wet. I can tell how much he is getting into it. I love seeing the look on his face as I please him, then I hear him call me… Mommy? Yeah, I definitely heard him say “suck it Mommy.” What was that? He confesses that he has a Mommy fetish? Wow, I guess I didn’t expect to hear that, let alone while I am in the middle of sucking on his cock. Well, I guess I can give it a try for him… So I guess I just say things like, “Do you like it when … Mommy sucks your cock?” He does. Ooh I like that reaction. I’ll try a different one. “Do you like this Mommy mouth sucking on your cock?” He does. “Do you like Mommy pleasing you, taking every inch down that throat?” I really like turning him on like this. I keep milking that cock with my mouth and giving him all the dirty Mommy talk I can think of. Next I climb on top of him. As I straddle his cock, I ask if he wants this wet mommy pussy. His twitching cock tells me that he does. Fuck I can’t believe how wet I am doing this. I didn’t expect to start getting this turned on. I tell him he is Mommy’s bad boy as I rub his cock on my wetness. As I slide his big cock inside of me, I tell him to stretch that Mommy pussy, and wetness leaks out of me all over his cock. Fuck this cock is too big for this Mommy pussy. He bends me over the bed and starts taking me from behind. I tell him to Mommy wants him to play with that asshole as he fuck me. He pounds my pussy with his cock, and tI tell him to push that finger into Mommy’s ass. He fucks me harder until he’s about ready to cum, then he flips me onto my back. I confess to him that I can’t believe how much this is turning me on. I tell him to be a good boy for Mommy and give it to me. He has Mommy’s juices dripping down his cock as he stretches me so much. Such a big boy for Mommy. As he slows down, I realize he wants to cum on Mommy’s face, dripping down my chin. I get on my hands and knees and start sucking his cock again. I tell him how I love tasting that Mommy pussy juice all over his cock. I keep telling him to cum for his Mommy until he loses control and shoots the biggest load I’ve ever see him cum. He unloads all over Mommy’s face. His cum drips back down his cock, and I put my mouth back on him, sucking both of our juices off of his cock. This is was surprisingly fun. We might have to do this more often.

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