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I walk into my son’s room to remind him that his father is out of town for a few days. I need him to help me set the table. He is old enough to know better. Later I convince him to spend some time with me and watch a movie. I get closer to him as we snuggle on the couch. Is that a boner? Is his dick hard right now? I can’t believe this. I can’t deal with this and go to bed for the night. The next morning I sit down with my son to talk about what happened. I tell him he can’t have those feelings for me or be acting that way. I think he’s hearing me, but then he stands up and starts rubbing his cock through his pants. He starts taking it out! I told him this can’t happen! But it’s been so long … it feels so good to be wanted again, to see such a nice cock that is hard because of me. I can’t help myself, and I want to taste my son’s cock. I start sucking his cock at the dinner table. I can’t believe how good it feels! I’ve had enough and need my son’s cock inside of me. I climb up on the table, pull my panties to the side, and tell my son to come fuck his mommy. Instead, he gets on his knees and starts licking my pussy. My pussy is getting so wet, and I think I’m going to cum on my son’s face! He stands up and pushes his hard cock inside of me. It’s so much bigger than I thought it would be. As he’s getting close, I want his cum on me. He pulls out and cums all over my stomach and pussy. There is so much cum pooling all over the dinner table… I can’t believe we did this! I have to go and clean myself up. The next day I sit my son down again to confess how much I regret what we just did. I cheated on my husband with my own son! That can’t happen again. He pulls me in closer, and I resist. I just told him that we can’t do this! He says he can’t resist me… Truthfully I can’t resist him either. I’m such a bad mother, I can’t believe I feel this way about my son! The feeling is too great, and I have to have him I climb on top of my son right there on the couch and ride his cock. I need to feel his cum deep inside of me this time. I ride him hard and don’t let him pull out this time. He shoots his massive load inside of his mommy. I tell him I had better plan on getting a pill tomorrow to make sure I don’t get pregnant. And this was seriously the last time. When my husband gets home, I go into my son’s room to remind him to say hello to his father. I can tell my son is unhappy that his father is home. I know what will make him feel better. I shut the door behind me. I know I said we couldn’t do this anymore, but I can’t leave my son feeling this way. I know what will make him feel better if I suck my son’s cock. I get on my knees in front of my son on his bed and put his gorgeous cock in my mouth. I suck him until he is close, and I want him to cum all over my face and titties. He shoots his cum all over me again. I confess that I never took that pill, and I kinda want to just see what happens. I remind him we can never tell his father about this just in case I do get pregnant.

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