Visiting Family - Ricky Spanish, Penny Barber & Chloe Surreal FullHD 1080p

Penny Barber has taken her stepson Ricky Spanish to visit family for the weekend. When they arrive, they are greeted by Penny’s stepniece Chloe Surreal, and they all exchange pleasantries. They haven’t had a chance to spend much quality time together, so Chloe is super excited to get to know her stepaunt and stepcousin better over this exciting weekend!

Later that night, however, Penny sneaks into Ricky’s bedroom and gets under the covers with him. It’s revealed that Ricky and Penny have a sexual relationship, and Penny wants to get FRISKY with her darling stepson. But Ricky’s a bit hesitant- what if the other people in the house hear them? The LAST thing he and Penny want is for their secret relationship to get exposed. But Penny urges Ricky to loosen up, promising that she’ll keep quiet. Ricky can’t resist his sexy stepmom’s advances and lets her suck on his hard cock.

Unfortunately for them, though… it seems like Chloe’s got ears like a fox! She cracks the door open and catches Penny and Ricky going at it. Chloe is shocked, but also a bit turned on. Maybe if Penny and Ricky let her join in on the fun, she won’t have to tell the rest of the family what their naughty relatives have been up to under the cover of darkness… Penny and Ricky allow it, and they all have a quiet yet energetic threesome in the guest bedroom. Who knew that visiting family could be THIS fun?

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