Your with your daughter on a cruise. You’re standing on deck and talking about how everyone is taking you for a couple. You’re a bit embarrassed about it but she laughs and thinks it’s adorable. You go back to your room and try to relax but you keep thinking about what others thought. Your daughter doesn’t want you to be concerned and starts talking about how you probably give off that vibe given how close you are with each other. She looks deep into you eyes, give you a kiss on your cheek and says it wouldn’t be so inappropriate if you pretended you’re a couple for a little bit. You’re not sure but she starts kissing you and teases you with her titties. You touch her and suck on her nipples. She gets on you and rides you. She calls herself your little princess. Your girl is fucking you now and noone will know you’re her daddy. She talks dirty to you getting so wet thinking of how exciting it is. You’re deep inside of her as she thanks you for fucking her with the cock that made her. You creampie her pussy and now she will be your little princess who makes you cum. And noone will never know.

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Last Update: April 18, 2024