Wonder Woman Bound and Gagged by a Fan – Bound To Be GAGGED Sahrye FullHD 1080p

Wonder Woman Bound and Gagged by a Fan - Bound To Be GAGGED Sahrye FullHD 1080p

A huge Wonder Woman fan has won a contest in which the prize is a visit from Wonder Woman (Sahrye) herself! He hears a knock at the door, tells the person to come in, and, despite winning the contest, is still surprised to see Wonder Woman in his own home. He quickly leaves to get her a drink but actually has more sinister things in mind. Being such a big fan, he knows of one of Wonder Woman’s oldest weaknesses: if bound by a man, she is rendered powerless and weakened. He sneaks up on her from behind and quickly ties her wrists. Now no stronger than a normal person, she’s quickly subdued and her fan promises to add even more rope to her (done off-screen). Substantially weakened by her bindings, Wonder Woman can’t do much to stop her fan from packing a big green stress ball into her mouth and plastering a strip of tegaderm over her lips. She struggles and tries to talk through her gag until the fan returns and decides to change it. This time, a yellow stocking filled with memory foam pellets is worked into her maw and teal vet wrap is wound between her lips to keep it there. She continues her struggles to no avail until it’s time for another gag change. Three strips of satin are stuffed into her mouth and gray vinyl tape is wrapped between her teeth. She’s able to get her hands on scissors the fan carelessly left behind but he stops her before she can cut herself free and wraps more tape over her lips as punishment for her near escape. She fights against the ropes and gag but makes no progress. How long will she remain this crazy fan’s bound and gagged toy?

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:22:04
Size: 529 Mb

limp – 5190 Sahrye Wonder Woman Bound By Her Fan.mp4

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