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Your mother was undressing in front of you… right then, in this tiny dressing room. She was in such a hurry to try on the assorted lace panties and bras before the store closed. You caught glimpses of her voluptuous curves, her swinging breasts, and even… her pussy. But she didn’t realize that you were interested in all of that. She didn’t notice your growing, hardening cock as she shimmied her big butt into tight little panties, constantly asking your opinion. Or when her big boobs bounced when she adjusted each bra… your mother had no clue how turned on you were.

Not until it was time to go. She asked you to hand her some clothes, but you were busy hiding the boner in your pants. Of course your mother would make you show her, and of course she’d insist you think about something less… provocative. To not STARE at her body in that lingerie… but it was no use. If fact, your erection got even bigger. So your mother took matters into her own hands. She grabbed your throbbing cock and hurriedly began stroking it.

Those store employees couldn’t see your erection. They couldn’t know that you wanted your own mother. She just had to get rid of it. Even if it meant getting on her knees and swallowing your cock over and over again, pulling her breasts out of that push-up bra so you could touch, grab, and squeeze them, just to make yourself finish. Your mother was determined… she’d do ANYTHING it took just to make her boy cum… to make your erection go away. Even if it meant straddling you… and fucking you until you came inside of her…

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