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You are now a very successful guy, your mom didn’t think you would make it but look at you now, you can have everything you want, including her! Times are tough and your mom needs a job, you want to give her all she needs but you also want to get what you want. So finally, it is your time to get back at her for everything; Making you beg for more money when you needed, spank you when you were naughty, storm into your room when you were masturbating and laughing about it, humiliate you in front of your friends by wearing those skimpy outfits to pick you up from school. Now she acts so proper and prude, but she used to be such a slut! Your friends all loved her but you were a mess because you suspected they all fucked her. But now is your turn to make her beg, to humiliate her, to spank her, to watch her masturbate, to make her show you her tits, to make her get on her 4 and suck your dick. Now is your turn to fuck her.

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