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You’re back home visiting mom when you surprise her by bringing your new dog! He’s shy around her at first, but before you know it he’s trying to hump your mom’s leg. Frisky little guy, huh? Mom laughs it off and then tells you dad won’t be home for a few hours. Maybe we can have some fun, you know, like we used to? You put the dog in the other room and mom starts sucking you off, telling you how she missed your thick cock. She realizes the dog snuck back inside and tells you to leave him. Who knows, maybe he wants to watch? She continues to suck your cock when the dog plunges at her pussy. She kinda likes how his wet nose feels on her cunt. Now mom wants to try something new, something dirty. She lets the dog lick her pussy as she sucks you off. When she notices his doggy dick get hard, she decides she wants to take it further. You start to fuck mommy while she sucks on your dog’s big ole doggy dick. But mom wants to get even dirtier for you. She sees how excited you’re getting watching her be so filthy. She wants your dog to mount her and give her his thick, fat knot!

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