Alyssa Bounty - Stepsister's Secret HD 720p

Alyssa Bounty - Stepsister's Secret HD 720p 4

It is Alyssa’s first day of college and she is very worried about her choice of outfit. She does not want to make a bad first impression on her new schoolmates. Asking for help from the only person at home, she calls her stepbrother in to give his thoughts on her attire. She thinks she looks super cute in her schoolgirl skirt, but he tells her it looks too immature and has her try on another. As she is getting changed, he is staring at her body and also notices that some other clothes have fallen out of her closet. He can’t believe what he sees. It is a tiny little fetish outfit that he could never imagine Alyssa Bounty wearing. She tries it on and shows him, asking him to give his honest opinion. Seeing her young body in the little black straps leaves him speechless, but she still gets his honest feelings. His throbbing cock tells her how he really feels about her outfit. She rubs her pussy and asks him if the clothes make him want to fuck her? It isn’t just the outfit. He loves her tight body and is happy to tell her how much he wants to bang her. She has secretly been hiding a crush on him for ages and is more than happy to let him take control of her horny body. He tugs on her hair while guiding her mouth up and down on his hard cock. She loves the way he stretches her lips and can’t wait to feel him in her other holes. He doesn’t take it easy, fucking her harder than any guy ever has and making her feel like a perfect slut. After her sprays her face with his jizz, he tells her that it doesn’t matter what she wears to school, he is going to fuck her every day after class anyway.

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